We like walls

Walladore sells posters online for children and design-interested adults. With us you will find posters or prints (same thing!) of high quality at reasonable prices.

Our focus is on children’s posters and motives for decorating children’s rooms, but it’s really just your creativity that limits where they fit. We want to help anyone who likes interior design to create beautiful and inspiring spaces that capture both trends and personal expressions.

Walladore is created by us, Daniel and Björn, because we love design and children. A passion for learning about user behavior and e-commerce and making people happy is part of it too. We have our roots in the Scandinavian design tradition; we like it simple and well-thought-out. With Walladore, we hope to provide inspiration and something nice to hang on the wall.

Our heroes are all of you who create nice homes with our posters and the artists behind the motives. The motives are created in our international network of designers and by our own design team. We add new material continuously based on what our customers like, current trends and where the creativity of the artists leads us.

Daniel and Björn
Walladore AB
[email protected]
+46 8-55 92 66 40