We like walls

Happy, beautiful walls – walls full of expressions. With lovely posters we want to encourage anyone interested in design and interior decoration to create beautiful and inspiring spaces that capture both trends and personal expressions. Our main focus is on children’s posters and prints for decoration of children’s rooms, but it’s really just your creativity that limits where to hang them. With Walladore we want to contribute with a collection of prints you wouldn’t find elsewhere. The posters are created from originals by artists around the world.

Our idea: A unique collection, by interesting artists, at a reasonable price

Walladore is created by us, Daniel and Björn, because we love design and children. The idea to create Walladore emerged when Daniel was about to decorate his son Georg’s room.
Despite the large selection of posters, it was surprisingly difficult to find stuff that really stood out. Most posters were cute and white. Don’t get us wrong – we love cute, and white is beautiful – but the problem was to find the more special pieces, appealing to children and with interesting artists behind them.
Another problem is of course how difficult it is for individual, often unknown, artists to reach out and gain visibility.
We decided to start building a network of talented artists and create a place where we collect, present and sell prints of their work.
We offer a curated collection of posters for children and children’s rooms (and after all, we are all more or less children, so they go perfectly well in most rooms). And since the room grow with the child, it shouldn’t be too costly to change posters along the way. A passion for learning about user behavior and e-commerce and making people happy is part of it too.

Our inspiration

We have our roots in the Scandinavian design tradition; we like it simple and well-thought-out. But we like color too. And humor. And diversity of taste and preferences. With Walladore, we hope to inspire and contribute with something nice to hang on the wall.
It is easy to forget that behind each print there is an idea, a context and true craftsmanship. Regardless of technique used to create it – ink, pencil, watercolor, photography or digital processing to name a few – we never cease to marvel at the knowledge and creativity that hides behind each illustration. What started with a first motive created by Daniel’s cousin has now grown into an international creator network. We add new material continuously based on what our customers like, current trends and where the creativity of the artists leads us.

Our heroes

…are all of you who create beautiful homes with our posters and the artists behind them. Whether you do it professionally or just for fun, successfully or not, are famous or unknown, this is where the real magic happens. So carry on experimenting, keep making all the missteps necessary to finally take a lot of steps forward.
Daniel and Björn
Walladore AB
+46 8-55 92 66 40