People gathered outside wine bistro Mini in Berlin
Billy, Merny and friends at the opening of ”TAKE BREAK”

Van art from Billy and Merny

Walladore artist Billy has been travelling around Portugal with Merny for the last couple of months. In a van ???. Now they are in Berlin a few weeks. Spontaneously (as is their custom) they put on an exhibition.

Three landscapes drawn with think outlines and bright colours
Portuguese landscapes by Billy
Pictures of cars with come parts drawn as separate from the main car
Exploded cars by Merny

Billy told me: @doctor_dry asked Merny to DJ here at the wine bistro Mini tonight so we decided to also share some paintings. Also, we put up some new collages in the bathroom… and continued: We’re just here a couple of weeks and this is a fun way to get our Berlin friends together.
Billy and Merny present ”TAKE BREAK” at Mini, Urbanstraße 126, Berlin until 26 October 2018. If you miss the show, go by Mini when it’s closed(!) Billy has a big painting on the window shutters of the space 🙂

Björn in front seven of of Billy's pictures focused on painting of iceberg on blue ocean
Björn (Walladore co-founder) in deep thoughts about icebergs

Billy’s posters here at Walladore:

  • Illustration with lion face with sun shaped mane and the text Smiley Lion on organge backgroundSee options
  • Yellow and red car illustrations with lights on turquoise backgroundSee options
  • Flower pot with blue and white flowers on black stems and orange text Growing Up on yellow backgroundSee options
  • Illustrated happy jellyfish in yellow and white on blue background with fish and coralSee options