A forest of letters A to Z poster by Rosemarie CC

A Forest of Letters ABC poster by Rosemarie CC

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Each letter of the English alphabet is hidden in a bouquet of flowers and leaves. Some letters have a little house, and in one there’s even a cat. Can you find it?

We fell head over heals in love with these letters when we saw them on Rosemarie CC’s Instagram. Representing the letters via negative space is ingenious. We instantly asked to make this poster.

In this ABC poster and the number poster Flowering Math Rosemarie CC has chosen to not represent each character with an object – like combining A and Apple. Instead Rosemarie CC lets the shapes of the letters be the stars.

The photos of A Forest of Letters in an autumn forest and in a kids room are taken by @mariagarciacarrasco. The photo on a red table is by @rosemarie.cc.

In stock, Matte premium paper, Frame is not included

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