Animal World poster with bear, raccon, elk, eagle, whale, giraffe, hippo, and more

The Animal World Colourful map poster by Helena Jalanka

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Where does the Toucan live? And where can I find a Panda? On Helena’s colourful world map both adults and kids can learn about the parts of the world, and learn about some animals that live on each continent. With this motive in the study corner your kids will soon be able to answer the age old question of why Polar Bears don’t eat Penguins.

The Animal World is perfect in combination with Helena’s motive Water Never Stops. Both help us learn aspects of biology and geography – and they use very similar pastel colour palettes. Both go well in a white or wood coloured frame.

Some of the many animals on the world map: Kiwi, Giraffe, Whale, Parrot, Macaw, Cockatoo, Brown bear, Beaver, Elk, Snow Owl, Tiger and of course Hedgehog 🙂

In stock, Matte premium paper, Frame is not included

Nice in combo with The Animal World

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