Illustration of arctic fox in white winter coat sleeping among cloudberries

Arctic Fox Animal poster with cloudberries by Kajsa Lindberg

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Kajsa has created this beautiful poster with an Arctic fox resting on cloudberry leaves.

The Arctic fox lives in the Arctic regions and has always been adored for its soft, beautiful fur. It is very rare in Scandinavia and it has since long been placed under protection in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

In latin this beautiful animal is called Vulpes lagopus – a name given to them by Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus. Lagopus means, in ancient Greek, “hare” and is a reference to that both many hares and the Arctic fox have hair on the underside of their paws. So a direct translation of the latin name – Vulpes lagopus – becomes “Hare Fox” : )

In Kajsa’s nice illustration the Arctic fox sleeps peacefully, and is ready to move into you home. We recommend a white frame in case you wish to frame the print before hanging it on your wall.

In stock, Matte premium paper, Frame is not included