Drawing of a hollow tree where a rabbit lives. On the ground floor the kitchen with stove, upstairs a bathroom with a bathtub and a bedroom with a plaid and light string. The rabbit sit in the bed.

Bunny’s Little House Story book poster by Nastya Kim

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This poster is like a story book, but a book where you write your own adventure. Let all the details in the rabbits home inspire you to imagine all the fun and sometimes a bit scary adventures the bunny go on. At the end though, the little furry friend always finds its way back home to the fluffy bed.

This imaginative poster is perfect at the changing station or in the children’s bedroom. The kids will love all the details – the Swiss cuckoo clock, the rubber ducks, and all the rest.

Mount in a dark wood or white frame and let it take pride of place in your kid’s room.

In stock, Matte premium paper, Frame is not included

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